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Bedfordshire – Experience Days & Activities

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Soar with the birds and float back down with this extended Gliding Experience. Aero Tow to 3000 feet and enjoy a 40min float back to Earth, take the controls yourself or enjoy the instructor's flying!
Sandy (Bedfordshire) £105.00
Gliding Experience
Not yet rated
Take to the skies in style with this fantastic gliding flying experience. Aero Tow to 2000 feet before spending 30 mins gliding back to Earth with a professional. Take the controls yourself.
Sandy (Bedfordshire) £92.00
Explore the great outdoors with this fantastic experience. Climb aboard the Land Rover and tackle the off-road course, from unexpected dips to steep inclines!
Wyboston (Bedfordshire) £49.00
Enjoy this fantastic Hovercraft adventure both on land and on water! Experience the futuristic hover travel and take to the differing surfaces for a total of 30 minutes, using your body to steer!
Wyboston (Bedfordshire) £69.00
In groups of up to four people, you will each get to drive and maneuver the amazing hovercrafts both on land and water! A great idea for parties and celebrations, driving 40mph on the hovercraft!
Wyboston (Bedfordshire) £135.00
Clay Shooting lesson with 50 shots - all to yourself or shared with a friend, you'll have 30 minutes to aim and fire at 50 targets on this fantastic clay bird shooting lesson in Bedfordshire.
Bedford (Bedfordshire) £85.00
Extended Clay Shooting
Not yet rated
Ready, aim, fire! Be shown how to perfect your aim and shoot 50 clays on an extended introduction to clay pigeon shooting.
Bedford (Bedfordshire) £84.00
You and a friend, have 50 clays each to try and hit as many as you can! Between the two of you, some seriously smashing fun will be had shooting at the clay targets!
Bedford (Bedfordshire) £100.00
Ready, aim, fire! Be shown how to perfect your aim and shoot 25 clays on an introduction to clay pigeon shooting.
Bedford (Bedfordshire) £58.00
Treat you little one to this fabulous driving experience and watch as they master the basics of vehicle control. With full tuition throughout, let them tackle the off-road course!
Wyboston (Bedfordshire) £89.00
Take to the skies with 3 individual flights to use when you like. Once towed to 2000 feet it is over to you to enjoy the amazing views and take the controls and fly the glider yourself if you like.
Sandy (Bedfordshire) £195.00
Discover the thrilling world of watersports with the zego personal water craft! Learn the basic skills and techniques from the qualified instructor before exploring the 20acre lake.
Wyboston (Bedfordshire) £49.00
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