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Cheshire – Experience Days & Activities

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The Highest Bungee Jump in the UK, the most Extreme Bungee Jump. Bungee 300ft attached only by your ankles! Unforgettable experience with the highest Bungee in the UK!
Various Locations from £99.00
Experience the ultimate thrill of Bungee Jumping - in reverse! The Bungee Catapult is a must for all thrill seeking adrenaline junkies and for those too scared to jump from the 160ft platform!
Various Locations from £35.00
Experience the fantastic thrill of the Catapult with someone special, as you are both launched to 160ft in the blink of an eye! The exact reverse to a standard Bungee Jump, the Catapult for 2 is here!
Various Locations from £60.00
Strap in to a 12 foot inflatable Sphere, reach top Zorbing speeds of 30mph as you roll down the hill, amazing adrenaline rush and extreme experience for 2 inside the giant ball.
Various Locations from £69.00
Enjoy the transport of the future with this fantastic Segway Rally experience, choosing from over 1 venues in the UK. Lean forward and control the futuristic mode fo transport, and enjoy a great tour!
Various Locations from £34.00
Take to the off road in style with someone special as you are both free to roam the grounds of your chosen location after a 3 stage training session. Experience the future of travel with a friend!
Various Locations from £79.00
Aqua Sphereing aka Zorbing for two people, enjoy an extreme experience to rememeber with someone special. Unforgettable Hill Rolling experience, soaked in water and shaken up to the max inside a Zorb!
Various Locations from £69.00
Explore the Macclesfield countryside with this fantastic Off Road Segway experience! Explore the 160 acre grounds on the powerful vehicles of the future, in groups on this superb safari!
Macclesfield (Cheshire) £19.00
Experience the joy of birds of prey with this fantastic family ticket to enjoy getting up close and personal with the amazing creatures, admiring the speed and precision of their flight and every move
Knutsford (Cheshire) £130.00
get up close and personal with these stunning birds of prey. Watch in awe as they fly with great speed and precision, and snap away taking photos of their every move with expert guidance, x3 sessions.
Knutsford (Cheshire) £100.00
Experience the magic of Segway, with a friend! Take a friend or loved one to experience the future of travel, exploring teh 160 acre private farm and woodland in Macclesfield.
Macclesfield (Cheshire) £59.00
The Highest Bungee Jump in the UK, the most Extreme Bungee Jump for 2 people - Bungee 300ft with someone special as you enjoy the Highest Tandem Bungee Jump in the UK - seriously extreme!
Various Locations from £198.00
Take a ride in a 12ft inflatable Zorb, reach top Sphereing speeds of up to 30mph, an amazing, water filled Aqua Zorbing Experience Day! Amazing extreme experience!
Various Locations from £59.00
Enjoy the most thrilling Zorbing ride and experience the magnificent Aqua Sphereing for 3 with Extreme Element! Enjoy a ride in the Zorb and reach speeds of up to 30mph with buckets of water thrown in
Various Locations from £79.00
Appreciate the beauty of aerial views with a fantastic hot air balloon ride. Take a loved one for the ride of their life with this champagne ride for 2.
Various Locations from £299.00
Take to the skies at sunrise on an exclusive hot air balloon ride! Enjoy the spectacular views of your chosen location with a loved one!
Various Locations from £699.00
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