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County Down – Experience Days & Activities

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Make your dreams of flying a reality with this superb helicopter experience; receive expert instruction from a qualified pilot as you take the controls and pilot the helicopter yourself!
Newtownards (County Down) £285.00
Experience the exhilaration of flying a helicopter as you take the controls and have a go at flying yourself! See just how far you come with this memorable and thrilling aerial experience.
Newtownards (County Down) £119.00
Receive guidance from a qualified pilot during this fantastic & informative trial lesson. Witness the capabilities of the chopper as you take the controls & pilot it yourself - see how far YOU come!
Newtownards (County Down) £169.00
Experience the exhilarating sensation of helicopter flight! Take over piloting duties in an awesome Robinson 44 - a thrilling and unforgettable aerial experience is guaranteed.
Newtownards (County Down) £185.00
Soar your way to cloud nine with this fantastic aerial experience! Learn what it takes to become a real helicopter pilot and receive expert guidance during this hugely enjoyable trial lesson!
Newtownards (County Down) £545.00
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