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East Sussex – Experience Days & Activities

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Bungee Experience, Bungee Jump 160ft attached by your ankles, experience the thrill of bungee jumping.
Various Locations from £60.00
Motocross Experience Day, Off Road Motocross, introduction to off road Motor Biking, enjoy the ride on the 250cc Yamaha Enduro Bikes.
Various Locations from £185.00
Take a big leap of faith in Brighton, with a brilliant Bungee jump at Brighton Marina. You'll have a stunning seagull's-eye view of Brighton before taking the bungee plunge!
Brighton (East Sussex) £60.00
Enjoy a day of shooting during this unique shooting experience in East Sussex
Crowborough (East Sussex) £65.00
Discover RIB Riding with this terrific intro session. Spend 30 minutes out on the open water in a super fast, high powered RIB powerboat.
Brighton (East Sussex) £29.00
Quad Bike in the South East and enjoy going Off Road for an adrenaline filled hour of your day. Navigate through the twists and turns of a safari style trail in the countryside of East Sussex.
Hailsham (East Sussex) £45.00
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Nationwide (Nationwide) £100.00
Drive the off road buggies on the purpose built 800m track in the heart of East Sussex. The powerful off road karts are awesome fun when racing head to head against each other!
Hailsham (East Sussex) £45.00
Action packed 30 minutes of Quad Biking in the heart of East Sussex. The Quad Bike safari makes for a great adrenaline fuelled outdoor experience from age eleven and up.
Hailsham (East Sussex) £35.00
Tandem Bungee, Bungee Jump Experience for two people. Jump with a friend from 160ft together! Attached by your ankles, share the bungee experience!
Various Locations from £120.00
Learn the basics of Rock Climbing & Abseiling. A wonderful combination of two great sports. Both sports are challenging and rewarding. Expert tuition & safety gear included.
Royal Tunbridge Wells (East Sussex) £85.00
Experience the thrill of bungee jumping, not once but twice! Do you perfer facing your fears or turning your back on them, well find out with this fantastic 'FAB' experience!
Various Locations from £120.00
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Nationwide (Nationwide) £300.00
Take to the beach and learn the magnificent art of harnessing the wind, pulling yourself along the beach with this great Kite Buggy experience! Learn the skills and techniques to the cool beach sport!
Camber (East Sussex) £59.00
Kitesurfing 1 Day Lesson
Not yet rated
Try your hand at the coolest sport available today and get stuck into some Kitesurfing! Harnessing the wind's power and using your body position, learn to surf and jump in the coolest way possible!
Camber (East Sussex) £99.00
Sussex rock climbing is a fantastic way to experience the great outdoors as you negotiate a tricky rock face, testing mind and body. Climbing in Sussex is a great location to learn the technique.
Royal Tunbridge Wells (East Sussex) £50.00
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