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Gloucestershire – Experience Days & Activities

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Bungee Experience, Bungee Jump 160ft attached by your ankles, experience the thrill of bungee jumping.
Various Locations from £50.00
This One-Off Bungee is the Highest Ever in the UK. On 15th and 16th Aug 2014 - in Chepstow, Wales. Highest Bungee Jump by 100ft, this 400ft jump is for the bravest of adrenaline seekers only!
Chepstow (Gloucestershire) £125.00
Explore the beautiful Cotswold area from the air during this 34 mile long aerial adventure and enjoy an unforgettable & thrilling experience! The ultimate adrenaline buzz.
Cirencester (Gloucestershire) £89.00
Take a trip to the skies as you are taken on an exhilarating Cotswolds Helicopter Buzz Flight and give yourself an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life! Totally awesome.
Cirencester (Gloucestershire) £39.00
Learn to control a powerful off road vehicle in the 40 acre surrounding of Whitecliff Quarry! With challenging slopes and routes for you to tackle, you'll gain great skills from a BORDA instructor!
Gloucester (Gloucestershire) £170.00
Grand Prix Indoor Kart Racing, compete Grand Prix style against your mates, warm up on practice laps then experience high speed go karting action
Various Locations from £45.00
Tandem Bungee, Bungee Jump Experience for two people. Jump with a friend from 160ft together! Attached by your ankles, share the bungee experience!
Various Locations from £120.00
Elevate you and your friends or family up to the clouds with this superb flying experience. 30 minutes of flying expertise with a qualified instructor.
Various Locations from £119.00
Take the scenic route with this awesome 4x4 driving experience, through the quarry of Whitecliff. With a qualified BORDA driver and a powerful 4x4 vehicle, you'll master the art - off road!
Gloucester (Gloucestershire) £120.00
Tiger Moth flying experience. Enjoy a venture into the past with this classic flying experience.
Cheltenham (Gloucestershire) £325.00
Experience the thrill of bungee jumping, not once but twice! Do you perfer facing your fears or turning your back on them, well find out with this fantastic 'FAB' experience!
Various Locations from £120.00
Indoor Kart Racing, take part in high speed go kart action, view printed lap times, release your competitive edge on the gokarting circuit
Various Locations from £34.00
Introduction to Indoor Rock Climbing, a fantastic introductory course to Rock Climbing, suitable for all ages & fitness levels for a great Rock Climbing Experience
Gloucester (Gloucestershire) £85.00
Conquer the challenging art of climbing with this superb course! Learn how to tie knots & belay, how to put on a harness, bouldering and much more! Great fun is guaranteed with this exciting sport.
Gloucester (Gloucestershire) £75.00
Spoil someone special to a big fall Christmas, with you! This fantastic Tandem Bungee Jump allows you and your loved one to fall together from 160ft strapped together, champagne included!
Various Locations from £120.00
Jump from a plane, all on your own, from 3,200ft in Gloucestershire. Feel the unbeatable rush as your parachute opens automatically, so all you need do is guide your chute back down to terra firma!
Cirencester (Gloucestershire) £200.00
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