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Greater Manchester – Experience Days & Activities

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Bungee Experience, Bungee Jump 160ft attached by your ankles, experience the thrill of bungee jumping.
Various Locations from £60.00
Experience double the standard freefall time of a skydive! Enjoy 2x 1minute sessions in the wind tunnel and experience the thrill of skydiving, indoors! Expert instructor will guide your dive.
Various Locations from £49.00
Discover Indoor Ice Climbing in Manchester and learn the basics of this awesome sport! Receive one-to-one tuition from expert instructors, all climbing equipment provided! Start YOUR ice adventure!
Manchester (Greater Manchester) £40.00
Tandem Bungee, Bungee Jump Experience for two people. Jump with a friend from 160ft together! Attached by your ankles, share the bungee experience!
Various Locations from £120.00
Step into the flow with this extended session in the wind tunnel as you can enjoy double the time of a 'discover'. Expert instruction shaping your body and technique aiming to stay aloft and flying!
Various Locations from £75.00
Learn to fly with this ultra extended flying session! Enjoy 15x the standard freefall time of a skydive! Expert instruction in the tunnel, shaping your body and improving your technique of flying!
Various Locations from £175.00
Experience the thrill of bungee jumping, not once but twice! Do you perfer facing your fears or turning your back on them, well find out with this fantastic 'FAB' experience!
Various Locations from £120.00
UK Bungee Crane Hire
Not yet rated
Experience one of the most thrilling extreme sports available today. Hire a bungee jump crane and enjoy exclusive use for you and 60 of your friends for a full day!
Various Locations from £4,300.00
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