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Herefordshire – Experience Days & Activities

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Enjoy the wonderful luxury of champagne and your partners company, hundreds of feet in the air! The old experiences are the best, and this one has stood the test of time.
Various Locations from £249.00
Learn the skills many of us envy! Practice and perfect stunts you thought were only imaginable in Hollywood blockbusters, from 360 spins to high speed parking!
Hereford (Herefordshire) £199.00
Appreciate the beauty of aerial views with a fantastic hot air balloon ride. Take a loved one for the ride of their life with this champagne ride for 2.
Various Locations from £299.00
Discover Stunt Driving
Not yet rated
Improve your driving skills with this fantastic experience. You will learn a range of stunts from the original handbrake turn to high speed parallel parking!
Hereford (Herefordshire) £149.00
Take to the skies at sunrise on an exclusive hot air balloon ride! Enjoy the spectacular views of your chosen location with a loved one!
Various Locations from £699.00
Champagne Ride, sit back and enjoy the pure luxury of a glass of wine from way up in the sky! Sample the scenery and enjoy the ultimate experience.
Various Locations from £149.00
Ride and Survive
Not yet rated
Let the fully qualified stunt driver take you for a spin! This exhilarating experience will have you holding on tights as the purpose-built stunt car is hurled into the most incredible maneuvers imagi
Hereford (Herefordshire) £60.00
Watch the sun rise from the most spectacular vantage point with this wonderful hot air balloon flight, available throughout the UK and enjoy a glass of bubbly to mark the special occasion!
Various Locations from £129.00
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