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Hire a Maserati Gran Cabrio

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  • 24 Hour Minimum Lease
  • 4.7, 0-60mph - 5.4secs
  • Maserati GranCabrio

Hire a Maserati Gran Cabrio

Driving a supercar is an experience to remember for the rest of your life, bringing together a fantastic combination of style, speed and desirability. With our fantastic track days, you get to experience the car for around 3-6 laps on a circuit, but here you get to drive one of the world's greatest supercars on the road from 24 hours to much longer! The stunningly designed and brilliantly engineered Maserati GranCabrio is an ideal choice for combining style with speed, class with desire and so much more! The 4.7L, 433bhp Italian masterstroke of design  is available to lease for as long as you need it.

With this amazing supercar hire experience you will be able to drive this stunning car on the road for 24 hours, driving up to 100 miles! With this particular voucher, you will have the car for 24 hours; however more options are available including a Cheaper Midweek Hire and a Weekend Hire. Please make an enquiry or contact us for more information on these rates. You can choose to collect the car yourself, or have it delivered & collected by a courier. This delivery service can be arranged when making the booking, and the cost of delivery is relevant to your proximity to the centre.

Supercar Hire Experiences  >  Driving
Minimum Age: 25
Refundable Deposit: £3500

Drivers must have held a UK drivers licence for more than 3 years. Drivers with more than 6 points are not permitted to drive unless prior agreement has been sought from the centre. If you have been disqualified from driving, the centre reserves the right to refuse hire.

Non UK licences are accepted subject to approval from the centre.

The price stated is for a 24 hour period, with a maximum mileage of 100 miles.

Other prices are available, including midweek (cheaper), weekends (cheaper per day) and also for longer periods. Please contact us for more details of longer or cheaper leases.

What to Wear / Equipment
There are no restrictions as to what you can wear, but we advise something snappy and stylish to match the outright coolness of this car!

Group Size / Spectators
You are allowed to fill the seats in the car as you wish. However, allowing a non insured driver to drive the vehicle will result in the loss of your security deposit and the centre will also view this as theft of the vehicle.

The weather won’t restrict your participation in leasing this car. However, we advise checking the weather before completing the booking as sunny day makes all the difference for posing!

The leasing of this car is subject to the availability of the centre. If it is in the warehouse - it’s there for you to lease! Please make an enquiry or contact us for details of Midweek Hire, Weekend Hire and longer leasing lengths.

Please Note: For weekend hire (between Friday-Sunday) there is a minimum lease of 48hours required.

  • Nationwide
Hire a Maserati Gran Cabrio is available at numerous centres across the UK.
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