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Hovercraft Experience - Shropshire

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  • Drive an incredible hovercraft
  • Slide over mud and grass
  • Hover over land AND water

Hovercraft Experience - Shropshire

Try something utterly unique and exciting today and try a hovercraft experience in Shropshire for an adrenaline rush like no other! Hovercrafts are motorised air cushioned vehicles, supported by a cushion of high-pressure air ejected downwards against the surface, and are specifically designed to travel over both water and land at speed. You can move smoothly and quickly over all kinds of surfaces in these incredible and innovative vehicles; slide sideways over mud, water, grass and anything else that might come your way. This extraordinary experience is becoming increasingly more popular and it’s easy to see why; the feeling of hovering above the ground and weaving and manoeuvring yourself along the track is second to none! Try a hovercrafting experience today; we bet you will soon be totally hooked! Totally exhilarating!

Upon arrival at the outdoor activity centre in Rednal, Shropshire, you will receive a thorough safety briefing, where each person will receive appropriate safety equipment and full instruction. You will then have an initial training session to get your head around the basic controls and familiarise yourself with the craft. Once you have completed this session, you can then take it in turns to fly the hovercraft on the purpose-designed course … which includes a pond, so you can really push your craft to its limits!

Hovercrafting Experiences  >  Driving
Minimum Height: 135cm / 4ft 5" Maximum Height: 201cm / 6ft 7" Minimum Weight: 38kg / 6 stone Maximum Weight: 127kg / 20 stone

Under 16s should have a consent form signed by a a parent/guardian, and be accompanied by a parent or guardian on the tour. Hovercraft activities are not suitable for pregnant women or those suffering from a serious health condition.

This hovercrafting experience will last for around an hour, with around 20 minutes driving time.

What to Wear / Equipment
Please dress appropriately for the weather on the day of your Hovercraft experience in Shropshire. Your hands will be exposed, so if it is cold please bear this in mind and bring some gloves. Please also wear flat shoes; heels and flip flops are not suitable.

Hovercraft tours can go ahead in the rain, so don't worry if it's wet, but do dress appropriately. If you are concerned about weather conditions at the time of your tour booking, please contact the centre before setting off.

Shropshire Hovercraft tours can be booked on selected weekdays and most weekends throughout the year.

This is subject to availability and weather permitting.

  • Oswestry (Shropshire)
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