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Jump from 12,000ft without the instructor, two instructors will guide you through freefall, pull your chute & guide yourself back to earth
Various Locations from £439.00
Experience the ultimate thrill - jump, by yourself, from 3,500 ft! and steer your parachute to the ground! Full training provided, no experience necessary. Make extra jumps & become a skydiver!
Grange over Sands (Cumbria) £189.00
Tandem Skydive in Cumbria - experience the thrill of free fall over the glorious grounds of the Lake District and drop 14,500 feet with an experienced parachute instructor strapped to your back.
Grange over Sands (Cumbria) £230.00
Tandem Skydive
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Tandem Skydiving voucher to be used at any of the UK's airfields we have here on Extreme Element. Let them choose a location, height and date when - then experience the adrenaline rush of free fall!
Various Locations from £249.00
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