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Northamptonshire – Experience Days & Activities

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Racing Day, Experience the authentic racing style day, with F2 Stock Cars, Capri Bangers & Reliant Robins waiting for your driving prowess, pure petrol pleasure!
Northampton (Northamptonshire) £159.00
Incredible multi-activity driving day experience! With Double Decker racing, Drifting, Reliant Robin racing, Reverse Driving, Clown Car & Ultimate Banger Wreck racing - this driving day is hands-on!
Northampton (Northamptonshire) £99.00
Learn the new skills to become a proficient driver at advanced levels! You'll learn how to control powerslides, handbrake turns and much more!
Northampton (Northamptonshire) £135.00
Experience Hang Gliding in Northamptonshire and enjoy a tranquil activity in the most extreme of environments - 3,000ft in the air! With a qualified instructor at the controls,
Northampton (Northamptonshire) £209.00
A superior Supercar driving experience... Drive a fiery Ferrari and an Aston Martin V8, and decide which is the supreme Supercar! The ultimate driving experience, at Silverstone - the ultimate track!
Brackley (Northamptonshire) £179.00
Take to the off road in style with Silverstone during this fantastic 1 hour 4x4 Driving Experience, with around 20 minutes theory and another 20 minutes of 1-to-1 driving tuition.
Brackley (Northamptonshire) £75.00
Silverstone Rookie Ride
Not yet rated
Learn the basics and so much from the trained professionals at Silverstone, and experience the thrills of beginning to ride a motorbike! In steady stages, you will progress up and gain confidence.
Brackley (Northamptonshire) £50.00
Experience some of the most exciting driving stunts around with this fantastic experience, and learn how to perform J-turns and handbrake turns! Enjoy a high-speed passenger ride with a pro as well!
Various Locations from £199.00
Silverstone single seater driving experience, two hours of exhilarating driving fun! Shatter your senses in this fantastic silverstone driving experience
Brackley (Northamptonshire) £175.00
Mircolight Flying Experience in Northampton, take to the skies at Syrell Airfield and enjoy an unforgettable Microlight flight at 2,000ft - speeding through the skies at up to 60mph.
Northampton (Northamptonshire) £69.00
Experience the power and precision of these finely tuned Japanese saloon cars, on Britain's premier driving circuit, Silverstone. Enjoy 4 laps in the 330bhp 370Z, and 5 laps in the 485bhp GT-R!
Brackley (Northamptonshire) £255.00
Skid Control Course, drive powerful front or rear wheel cars, slide around on the skid pan area, test your breaking ability & control in breaking lanes
Brackley (Northamptonshire) £140.00
Strap yourself into the driving seat as you perform handbrake turns, power slides & pendulum turns with expert tuition by your side.
Northampton (Northamptonshire) £105.00
Fly up and away with this unforgettable flying experience! Take your friends and family with you as you enjoy a top quality flying lesson with a pro, and enjoy the spectacular sights!
Various Locations from £195.00
The Clubmans course, receive a demonstration lap, then drive an adapted rally car, one to one tuition on the rally stage, exhilarating passenger ride included
Northampton (Northamptonshire) £279.00
Receive a brief demonstration of the techniques & methods, drive a specially adapted rally car and be let loose on the surface rally special stage
Northampton (Northamptonshire) £165.00
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