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Nottinghamshire – Experience Days & Activities

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Strap in to a 12 foot inflatable Sphere, reach top Zorbing speeds of 30mph as you roll down the hill, amazing adrenaline rush and extreme experience for 2 inside the giant ball.
Various Locations from £69.00
Take to the off road in style with someone special as you are both free to roam the grounds of your chosen location after a 3 stage training session. Experience the future of travel with a friend!
Various Locations from £59.00
Enjoy the Apache Rally & Quad Bike Driving Experience - Zip around the surrounding the venue, woods and fields, in a 750cc Apache Dirt Buggy and mighty Quad Bike!
Retford (Nottinghamshire) £89.00
Tandem Skydive in Nottingham, jumping 13,000ft over British Parachute Schools' Langar Airfield. Close the the East Midlands, you'll experience 50 seconds of free fall with an instructor on your back!
Nottingham (Nottinghamshire) £260.00
Tandem Skydive
Not yet rated
Tandem Skydiving voucher to be used at any of the UK's airfields we have here on Extreme Element. Let them choose a location, height and date when - then experience the adrenaline rush of free fall!
Various Locations from £249.00
Experience the off road in a powerful Range Rover on a challenging off road playground! With acres of hills, mounds and much more, you're free to explore and learn with expert tuition at your side!
Various Locations from £150.00
Receive one-to-one tuition from an expert instructor as you take one the varied and challenging terrain in the 150 acres of woodland at the hear of Sherwood Forest.
Nottingham (Nottinghamshire) £99.00
Explore 150 acres of Sherwood Forest woodland with a friend by quad bike. Tackle 6 tracks of ever increasing difficulty and experience the capability of these fantastic machines.
Nottingham (Nottinghamshire) £75.00
Harness Zorbing for 1! Strap in to a 12 foot inflatable Sphere, reach top Zorbing speeds of 30mph as you roll down the hill -amazing adrenaline rush and extreme experience for 1 inside the giant ball.
Various Locations from £49.00
Take to the skies and fly one of the most recognisable aircraft of the last century, the legendary Tiger Moth!
Various Locations from £160.00
Experience the speed and precision of these fantastic Apache Racers, and enjoy the mud slidingly brilliant responsiveness of the lightweight vehicles. Fantastic off road driving fun!
Retford (Nottinghamshire) £65.00
Its all out battle as you and your team fight through 5 different scenarios with top of the range equipment and vast battlefields! This is guaranteed to be an action packed day.
Nottingham (Nottinghamshire) £39.00
Quad Biking in Nottinghamshire, take on challenging quad bike terrain during this high-octane Nottinghamshire experience.
Retford (Nottinghamshire) £49.00
Scuba Diving Lessons in Nottingham for 2 provide you and someone special with a fantastic range of skills and techniques, ready to hit the seas with everything you could need to know about Scuba.
Nottingham (Nottinghamshire) £49.00
Explore the winding forest tracks aboard the fantastic futuristic Segways. These 2 wheeled vehicles are very easy to control and the large off road tyres will eat up anything in your way on the trail.
Nottingham (Nottinghamshire) £65.00
Enjoy the transport of the future with this fantastic Segway Rally experience, choosing from over 1 venues in the UK. Lean forward and control the futuristic mode fo transport, and enjoy a great tour!
Various Locations from £34.00
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