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Oxfordshire – Experience Days & Activities

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Fantastic half day off road activity experience. Tackle the mud, jumps and climbs on Quad Bikes driving 400cc automatic Honda Pilot race dune buggies.
Bicester (Oxfordshire) £60.00
Caterham Seven Driving Experience, drive an icon of the last 50 years, drive a Caterham Seven, experience the magic of the Caterham Seven Track Drive
Bicester (Oxfordshire) £59.00
Lamborghini Blast
Not yet rated
Drive the stunning Lamborghini Gallardo on a race track with expert tuition at your side. Includes a high speed passenger ride.
Bicester (Oxfordshire) £89.00
Lotus Thrill
Not yet rated
Drive the lightweight Lotus Elise, 4 laps in one Britains most stylish cars, experience the 120bhp sports car that only weighs 750k!
Bicester (Oxfordshire) £69.00
Aston Martin driving experience at Great Tew, Oxfordshire - Take to the track for an unforgettable day behind the wheel of a British icon, driving the 4.3L V8 Aston Martin Vantage - for 5 laps.
Chipping Norton (Oxfordshire) £99.00
Drive 4 laps in the fantastic Audi R8 & Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Including a high speed passenger ride for 2 laps with your professional Instructor.
Bicester (Oxfordshire) £169.00
Rev the engine and spin the wheels of the Ford Escort as you take to the rally track! Learn the rally driving skills required to tackle hairpin bends and high speed straights!
Bicester (Oxfordshire) £260.00
Rally Driving Experience in London, train with a professional Rally Driver and improve your driving ability - from handbrake turns to power slides on gravel, this Rally Experience in London is ideal.
Bicester (Oxfordshire) £165.00
Drive a Porsche 911 Carrera in Oxfordshire - 4 laps (6 miles!) in a 320bhp, 3L Porsche at a superb Airfield location - short drive from London, Southampton or Birmingham!
Bicester (Oxfordshire) £79.00
Drive a combined 1500bhp in 4 cars including Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari and a Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Drive the finest supercars in the world in one great day.
Chipping Norton (Oxfordshire) £179.00
Experience Englands motor-world at its best. Drive the Aston Martin AMV8 before swapping seats and enjoying a high speed passenger ride in the Aerial Atom!
Chipping Norton (Oxfordshire) £79.00
Aston Martin Blast
Not yet rated
Drive the Aston Martin for the most exhilarating driving experience of your life. With your expert instructor you will drive 4 laps in the Aston and 3 demo laps in a performance training car.
Bicester (Oxfordshire) £89.00
Aston Martin Demo Experience, exhilarating high performance Aston Martin demo driving, watch the pro take the DB9 through an electrifying performance
Bicester (Oxfordshire) £79.00
This fantastic two car experience includes 3 demonstration laps in a performance training car, then take the wheel of the Ferrari & Aston Martin on one of the World famous circuits.
Bicester (Oxfordshire) £179.00
Learn brand new driving techniques and experience the power of 2 supercars as you zoom around in a Ferrari 360 and an Aston Martin V8 Vantage! This is THE ultimate driving experience!
Chipping Norton (Oxfordshire) £199.00
Get behind the wheel of the beautiful Aston Martin and the legendary Porsche 911, as well as experiencing a Hot Lap with your Professional Instructor.
Bicester (Oxfordshire) £169.00
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