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Portsmouth Experiences

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Check out our amazing range of adventure days we have in Portsmouth. We are the extreme sport specialists and are proud to bring you the best experiences available in Portsmouth at the best possible price.

Experiences In Portsmouth

Hi, unfortunately we haven't got any experiences in Portsmouth at the moment, however we have got a number of great activities close by. Please check below.

Experiences Near Portsmouth

Indoor Skydiving Experience

Basingstoke (Hampshire), Manchester (Greater Manchester), Milton Keynes (Buckinghamshire)

Introduction to Indoor Skydiving

Basingstoke (Hampshire), Manchester (Greater Manchester), Milton Keynes (Buckinghamshire)

Learn to Fly - Indoor Skydiving

Basingstoke (Hampshire), Manchester (Greater Manchester), Milton Keynes (Buckinghamshire)

Honda F4 Powerboat Experience

Southampton (Hampshire)
£99 £49

Land Boarding - One Day Intro Course

Fareham (Hampshire)

Land Boarding - Two Day Course

Fareham (Hampshire)

BCU 1 Star Kayak Course

Southampton (Hampshire)

Kitesurfing 3 Day Course

Available at 5 locations

Learn Kitesurfing - 1 Day Course

Available at 6 locations

Kite Buggying - 1 Day Intro Course

Fareham (Hampshire), Torquay (Devon), Portland (Dorset)

Kitesurfing 2 Day Course

Barrow in Furness (Cumbria), Fareham (Hampshire), Poole (Dorset)

Ultimate Tank Driving Experience

Winchester (Hampshire)

Hot Air Balloon And Champagne - Flight for 1

Available at more than 10 locations

Champagne Hot Air Balloon Flight for 2

Available at more than 10 locations

Sunrise Champagne Balloon Flight for 1

Available at more than 10 locations

Sunrise Champagne Balloon Flight for 2

Available at more than 10 locations
£298 £249
Discover Indoor Skydiving, Freefall In UK's Only Indoor Skydiving Tunnel
Experience double the standard freefall time of a skydive! Enjoy 2x 1minute sessions in the wind tunnel and experience the thrill of skydiving, indoors! Expert instructor will guide your dive.
Various Locations from £49.00
Introduction to Indoor Sky Diving, Sky Dive, Jump Without a Plane
Step into the flow with this extended session in the wind tunnel as you can enjoy double the time of a 'discover'. Expert instruction shaping your body and technique aiming to stay aloft and flying!
Various Locations from £75.00
Indoor Sky Diving - Learn to Fly, Sky Dive Experience
Learn to fly with this ultra extended flying session! Enjoy 15x the standard freefall time of a skydive! Expert instruction in the tunnel, shaping your body and improving your technique of flying!
Various Locations from £175.00
Honda F4 Powerboat Experience, Powerboat Day, High Speed Run
Honda F4 Powerboat Experience, feel the force of a Honda Formula 4-Stroke Championship Boat, full safety briefing & introduction, high speed powerboat fun!
Southampton (Hampshire) £99.00 £49.00
Land Boarding - One Day Introduction Course, Land Boarding Control
Learn to Land Board, fly a high powered traction Kite & learn the skills of Land Boarding, put your skills to the test in this One Day Land Boarding Course
Fareham (Hampshire) £125.00
Land Boarding - Two Day Course, Develop Skills to Land Board
Land Boarding, a two day Land Boarding Course, learn the basic skills of Land Boarding, fly a high powered Kite & improve your Land Boarding skills
Fareham (Hampshire) £235.00
BCU 1 Star Kayak Course, Watersport, Kayaking Course
Kayaking Course, Develop skills and earn yourself a BCU 1 Star for Kayaking. Expert tuition and beautiful scenery, you will be learning the basics and more to a fast growing sport.
Southampton (Hampshire) £80.00
Kitesurfing 3 Day Course, Kite & Board Ride, Kite Surf Experience
Introduction to kitesurfing with a 3 day course, Get involved with the fastest growing watersport - kitesurfing, achieve your IKO level 2
Various Locations from £309.00
Kite Surfing Lessons & Kite Flying, Kitesurfing 1 Day Intro Course
Kitesurfing One Day Course, an introduction to kitesurfing, learn the basics of kitesurfing, flying & board riding, get your IKO level 1 qualification.
Various Locations from £119.00
Kite Buggying - 1 Day Introduction Course, Control the Buggy
Kite Buggying one day introduction course, learn to Kite Buggy & fly a high powered traction kite, sit in the purpose built buggy & test your skills
Various Locations from £125.00
Kitesurfing 2 Day Course, Body Dragging & Board Starts, Kite Surf
Kitesurf to the next level, two day kitesurfing course, start body dragging & move onto board starts, you may achieve IKO level 2 with this course
Various Locations from £235.00
The Ultimate Tank Driving Experience, Chieftain Tank, Abbott FV433, Tank Experience
Tank Driving Experience in Hampshire: Big Boy's Toys! Drive the 700bhp Chieftain Tank, the incredible Abbot SPG, an Armoured Personnel Carrier & Quad Bikes on this awesome off road military day.
Winchester (Hampshire) £175.00
Champagne Hot Air Balloon Ride, Balloon Rides, Luxury Balloon Tour
Champagne Ride, sit back and enjoy the pure luxury of a glass of wine from way up in the sky! Sample the scenery and enjoy the ultimate experience.
Various Locations from £149.00
Hot Air Balloon Rides, Champagne Ride For 2, Luxury Balloon Ride
Appreciate the beauty of aerial views with a fantastic hot air balloon ride. Take a loved one for the ride of their life with this champagne ride for 2.
Various Locations from £299.00
Fly In a Hot Air Balloon - Weekday Mornings
Watch the sun rise from the most spectacular vantage point with this wonderful hot air balloon flight, available throughout the UK and enjoy a glass of bubbly to mark the special occasion!
Various Locations from £129.00
Sunrise Champagne Balloon Flight for 2, Balloon Rides, Luxury Hot Air Balloon Experience
Enjoy the wonderful luxury of champagne and your partners company, hundreds of feet in the air! The old experiences are the best, and this one has stood the test of time.
Various Locations from £298.00 £249.00
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