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Powys – Experience Days & Activities

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Experience the beauty of the woodland with a classy stay in this modern and fantastically well equipped tree house! Spend the day on an outdoor adventure before settling down in the tree house canopy!
Machynlleth (Powys) £349.00
Enjoy the thrilling sport of Rally Driving in the most adrenaline pumping surroundings, as you spend all day training how the pros do it in a woody forest! Expert tuition and powerful Rally Cars!
Carno (Powys) £299.00
Experience the true driving thrill of Forest Rally Driving and spend half a day training with a professional! Enjoy the magnificent terrains of the forest and push the car and your own limits hard!
Carno (Powys) £199.00
Experience the adrenaline pumping action packed sport of rally driving in 900 acres of magnificent forest and learn the basic skills and manoeuvres alongside a highly experienced instructor!
Carno (Powys) £299.00
Enjoy a fantastic Treehouse holiday for the family, in the heart of the woodlands of Wales. This Treehouse stay gets you back to nature - without sacrificing your creature comforts.
Machynlleth (Powys) £369.00
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