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West Sussex – Experience Days & Activities

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Get behind the wheel of two superstars of the automobile world, the fierce Mustang GT and the classic 1966 Mustang V8.
Chichester (West Sussex) £119.00
Enjoy an exhilarating ride in the incredible Ford Mustang GT on the world famous Goodwood circuit! Drive alongside your expert instructor and feel the power of the huge 5.0L engine.
Chichester (West Sussex) £135.00
Monster Truck Day, Drive the fantastic Grizzly Monster Truck on this superb driving day. The Grizzly boasts a 7.5L engine, 6 foot tyres & is the only monster truck in the UK available for you.
East Grinstead (West Sussex) £149.00
Enjoy an exhilarating ride in the incredible Dodge Viper and feel the power of the huge 8.0L engine as you cruise across the track at high speed alongside an expert driving instructor.
Chichester (West Sussex) £135.00
Experience the power of this all American affair as you get the chance to drive the Mustang GT V8 Chevrolet Corvette and Dodge Viper
Chichester (West Sussex) £209.00
Enjoy the transport of the future with this fantastic Segway Rally experience, choosing from over 1 venues in the UK. Lean forward and control the futuristic mode fo transport, and enjoy a great tour!
Various Locations from £34.00
Take to the off road in style with someone special as you are both free to roam the grounds of your chosen location after a 3 stage training session. Experience the future of travel with a friend!
Various Locations from £79.00
Monster Truck Driving, Drive the Euro and the American spec monster trucks around the muddy and moundy course, finishing with two police cars to drive over! Also drive off road 4x4 and buggies!
East Grinstead (West Sussex) £260.00
Drive a 1966 Mustang V8 for three laps of the famous Goodwood Circuit
Chichester (West Sussex) £135.00
Get on the track at Goodwood, as you experience the agility and speed of the nippy, zippy little Mini Cooper S! As a driver or passenger, you'll love the feeling of whizzing around Goodwood circuit.
Chichester (West Sussex) £55.00
Drive the Iconic Ferrari 308 on the World Famous Goodwood Race Circuit. 3 Laps In a Fabulously Crafted 3.0L V8 Italian Supercar, Built in 1977 To Last, On One of Britain's Finest Race Tracks.
Chichester (West Sussex) £115.00
Learn stunts such as loop-the-loop from an ex-RAF pilot! This incredible adrenaline-filled experience is a once in a life-time opportunity.
Chichester (West Sussex) £249.00
Drive these awesome light weight Rage Buggy's and experience their high speed, 0-60 in 4 seconds. Enjoy the power drifts and handbrake turns with your experienced RallyCross Instructor by your side.
Chichester (West Sussex) £169.00
A full day of off road adventure and fun! You will be driving six very different vehicles throughout the day starting with a quad bike and finish your day behind the wheel of the trials buggy.
East Grinstead (West Sussex) £229.00
Enjoy a driving day at the home of the Festival of Speed, driving in the fantastic Aston Martin AMV8, as you take the British supercar around Goodwood circuit for a magnificently memorable drive!
Chichester (West Sussex) £99.00
Take to the track at Goodwood circuit in 3 British classics for a fantastic Classic Car experience, driving in an Aston Martin DB4, Jaguar E-Type & a Lotus Cortina on this wonderful Classic Cars Day.
Chichester (West Sussex) £249.00
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