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Full Day Land Rover Experience Full Day Land Rover ...
£255.00 £237.00

Full Day Land Rover Experience

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£255.00  £237.00
  • Shared With Up To 3 Drivers
  • Drive a Powerful Land Rover
  • Full Day Off Road Driving

Full Day Land Rover Experience

With a full day to learn the basic 4x4 principles of Off Road Driving, you and your group will learn from each other and most importantly the professional instructor! With a range of challenging terrains and muddy mounds with which to successfully traverse, you'll need to have your thinking hats on, and quickly as you need to best judge the way out of tricky situation - using the skills and techniques of Off Road Driving! The laws and principles of 4x4 are very different to those employed on road, so prepare for a full day of learning and practicing - in an authentic off road environment!

Choose a vehicle from: Defender 10, Discovery 3, Freelander 2
Or: Pay a £40 vehicle upgrade fee at the centre to drive: Range Rover / Range Rover Sport.

Once you have arrived and been welcomed to the centre your extended Full Day 4x4 Experience will begin with a safety brief and introduction to the instructor / vehicle you will be taking off road for the day. Then, once briefed its time to get out and enjoy the off road as you and your group are challenged to some tricky terrains requiring some quick thinking and applied technique! With expert guidance sat right next to you, your every move will be under intense observation as you have all day to acquire the skill and quick thinking techniques of off road 4x4 driving, in a fantastic environment of challenging terrains!

Minimum Age: 17

Participants must have a full UK Driving license.

The Full Day 4x4 Experience will last for around 6 hours, but expect to be at the centre for longer.

What to Wear / Equipment
Please wear comfortable clothing and trainers that you don't mind getting dirty.

Group Size / Spectators
You will be sharing the experience with up to another 2 4x4 fans.
Unfortunately spectators are not recommended due to limited visibility.

This experience can be affected by extreme weather conditions. If in doubt, please contact the centre on the day to ensure it is going ahead.

The Full Day 4x4 Experience is available 7 days per week (throughout the year)

  • Market Harborough (Leicestershire)
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