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Indoor Skydiving Experiences & Gift Vouchers

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Indoor Skydiving is unique in many ways and expertly simulates the freefall experienced during an outdoor skydive. An immensely powerful wind tunnel, which is more commonly used for testing the aerodynamics of F1 cars, has been turned vertical and provides a perfect representation of skydiving. Similar to a table tennis ball floating on a hair dryer, once the technique has been mastered the fun really begins as you fly at speeds equivalent to 100mph in the pressurized tunnel making your indoor skydiving experience a great one!

Indoor Skydiving Kick Start

Basingstoke (Hampshire), Manchester (Greater Manchester), Milton Keynes (Buckinghamshire)
£55 £49

Indoor Skydiving Airborne

Basingstoke (Hampshire), Manchester (Greater Manchester), Milton Keynes (Buckinghamshire)