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London Experiences

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Check out our amazing range of adventure days we have in London. We are the extreme sport specialists and are proud to bring you the best experiences available in London at the best possible price.

Experiences In London

Bungee Jump

Available at 9 locations

Indoor Ice Climbing Experience in London

London (London)
£59 £49

iPilot - 30 Minute Flight

London (London)

iPilot - 45 Minute Flight

London (London)

iPilot - 60 Minute Flight

London (London)

iPilot - 90 Minute Champagne Flight

London (London)

iPilot - 15 Minute Flight

London (London)
Bungee Jumping Experience Day, Bungee Jump 160ft
Bungee Experience, Bungee Jump 160ft attached by your ankles, experience the thrill of bungee jumping.
Various Locations from £60.00
Learn the art of Indoor Ice Climbing with this fantastic activity
Ice Climbing Tuition for one, where you can learn the basics and a lot more about the age old sport of climbing ice! With crampons, ice picks and wrapped up warm - you'll carve out a great experience!
London (London) £59.00 £49.00
London RIB Experience, High Speed Water Run, River Experiences
The ultimate Thames sight seeing trip! A knowledgeable guide to the famous landmarks, with stunning sights and unforgettable memories. Finish the trip with a high speed rib blast
London (London) £48.50
London RIB Experience, Kids Activities, Boat Voyages
Enjoy this great kids experience and explore the Thames in all of its glory! Kids ticket to ride a poweful inflatable RIB and take in the glorious sights of our Capital City!
London (London) £29.50
50 minute London RIB boat ride along Canary Wharf for adults
Enjoy the high speed brilliance of the Thames' fastest sightseeing tour! Hold on tight, this Canary Wharf RIB ride is a 60mph blast of knowledgeable fun - visiting everything from Big Ben to the O2!
London (London) £35.00
50 minute boat tour of London's Canary Wharf for kids
Incredible boat ride along the Thames. Sightseeing tour of London's landmarks and most impressive sites, enjoy 50 minutes of a 60mph+ blast along the river with up to 8 others alongside you.
London (London) £20.00
Bungee Jump London, O2 Arena, Bungee Jump O2 Arena
Enjoy the most adrenaline pumping activity in the country with the Capital City's amazing scenery and architecture! The O2 arena is an amazing location for events, and this is one to remember!
London (London) £75.00
London Kayaking, Thames Kayaking, Kayaking Experience, London Tour
Tour London at your leisure with this fantastic Kayaking adventure along the River Thames! Explore the beautiful sights of London from a peaceful distance, with equipment & tour guide included.
London (London) £59.00
London Kayaking, Kayaking London Experience, London Kayaking with Champagne
Explore the London in style with this amazing Regents Canal Kayaking tour. With your BCU qualified instructor, and a complimentary glass of bubbly, you'll truly float around London's landmarks!
London (London) £85.00
Canary Wharf RIB Experience, River Thames RIB, London Boat Tour
Experience sight seeing at its best! Learn about London's most famous landmarks as you soar down the River Thames on one of the fastest RIB boats available.
London (London) £39.00
Flight Simulation, Flying Simulator, Flying Experience
Experience the joy of flying, without ever leaving the ground! In Bluewater Shopping centre, you can take to the controls of the 'giant plane' and safely take off, land and pilot the whole flight!
London (London) £99.00
Flight Simulation, Flying Simulator, Flying Experience
Experience the joy of flying without leaving the ground! Based inside Bluewater shopping centre, you can fly to over 500 airpots on this fantastically realistic flight simulator!
London (London) £149.00
Flying Experience, Flight Simulation, Flying Simulator
Enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of maneuvering and fully controlling a passenger transporter with this fantastically realistic flight simulator! Fly to and from over 500 airports!
London (London) £199.00
Flight Simulation, Flying Simulator, Flying Experience
Experience the ultimate in flight simulation with this 90minute champgane extended flight! Fly to over 500 airports on this fantastically realistic flight simulation experience!
London (London) £399.00
Canary Wharf RIB Experience-Child, Thames RIB, London Boat Tour
Blast down the River Thames on one of the fastest RIB boats available. Listen to the knowledgeable tour guide as you soar passed London's most famous landmarks.
London (London) £27.00
Flying Simulator, Flying Experience, Flight Simulation
Enjoy this 15minute taster behind the simulated wheel of an airbus passneger transporter! Take to the controls and practice taking off, landing and much more at any of over 500 available airports!
London (London) £49.00

Experiences Near London

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